Office Coffee Machines

Office Coffee Machines: Matching the Best Coffee Machine To Your Work Environment

A large portion of the productivity of modern society is fueled by caffeine from coffee. If you look at offices and work places around the world you will find coffee readily available. Many people require coffee to get them in a productive state of mind. In order to have an effective office it is important to find the right coffee machine. Office coffee machines can come in various configurations, so being educated is important. By looking at the needs of your office and matching it to a type of coffee maker, you can make an informed and effective purchase.

One situation you might find yourself in when buying an office coffee machine is working from home. Working remotely from home, or running a home business, is becoming more common. The fact is that, even in this type of environment, a caffeine pick-me-up might still be an absolute necessity. If this is the case, you can choose an office coffee machine that only makes a single cup of coffee at a time. By brewing one cup at a time, there is an advantage over traditional machines that feature a large carafe.

A one cup coffee maker often only takes a minute or two to brew a cup. This lets you get your coffee quicker, and you don’t have to deal with a large amount of coffee sitting around and growing stale. The freshness of coffee is directly related to its taste, so one cup machines have an advantage in this situation. The coffee will always be hot and fresh when you brew it one cup at a time.

The traditional scenario for needing to find an office coffee machine is the obvious one of working in an office full of co-workers. In this type of situation, a one cup at a time machine could still work, but might not be optimal. If a high percentage of the people in the office are drinking coffee, it would be smart to invest in a maker with a large carafe. By brewing more coffee at a time, you improve the efficiency of the process. Some machines also feature hot water dispensers for hot water on demand. This is a great feature as it allows people in the office who enjoy hot tea or instant soup to get hot water when they need it without disrupting the production of coffee. If you work in a small office, a machine with a small carafe is sufficient.Checkout latest information at

However, you work in a very large office; a machine that can fill a large coffee urn might be what is needed. Another feature that would be useful in this type of environment is a machine with a “time to clean” indicator coupled with a self-clean feature.

Office Coffee Machines

Often, calcium buildup can occur in these machines and an indicator of when the machine needs to be cleaned is important. In a shared environment, it is very likely that responsibilities like cleaning the coffee machine can be ignored due to the phenomenon known as the tragedy of the commons. By having a machine with simplified cleaning measures like an auto clean, you can avoid the pitfall of nobody taking responsibility to clean.

When you look at what kind of work situation you are in, and then look at your choices for makers, you can make the best possible decision when it comes to what office coffee machine to select. Finding the best office coffee machine is not difficult with the correct information. As our society progresses and evolves, we will continue to need caffeine to fuel our work, and coffee at the workplace will play a fundamental part in this process.